What is Poverty?

What is Poverty?

Poverty in Latin America is life at the margins of existence where human beings daily struggle to survive in circumstances that are so squalid and so degrading that their existence defies definition in a vocabulary that people from the West, even those living in the most humble contexts, have capacity to comprehend.

Absolute poverty means waking up in the morning knowing that not one thing in your life is secure that day: not your daily food, not your health; and certainly not your children.

The LACC Solution

The LACC Solution

We break the cycle of poverty for children living on the brink of survival by providing food, medical care, a quality education, and, best of all, the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


How we diagnose poverty will determine how we treat it.


How can we eradicate poverty if the World Bank can’t?


Can we bypass all the rules and expect different results?

By focusing on children marginalized by poverty, providing access to basic education, food, healthcare, and the good news of the gospel (meaning, purpose, and hope are more important than money), we can break the cycle of poverty that keeps children on the brink of survival.

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